50 Weird & Wacky Things to Do with Your Digital Camera

Digital Photo Madness!

Kids are crazy for digital photography: it’s hip and it offers instant gratification. With this appealing, irreverent companion to The Kids’ Guide to Digital Photography, children 10 years and up can go wild with the new technology. It explains everything a kid needs to know about digital photography, from using the camera to coordinating it with the computer, printer, and scanner to manipulating the images. Budding photographers can explore such fun topics as Cool Shots; Simple Photo Manipulations; Color Your World; Combining Photos; Majorly Manipulated; and Funky Photos. Then, armed with this knowledge, they can dive right into 50 cool, inventive activities and turn their friends into aliens, make a Warhol-esque pop art masterpiece, and create a “trapped-in-the-computer” screen saver!